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 Our Quality Policy

  • Providing maximum level of customer satisfaction by determining customer requests exactly and working in accordance with quality, price and delivery times.

  • Ensure continuous improvement in production and services by organizing planned works and trainings in accordance with quality management system.

  • Minimize occupational accidents by providing the working environment suitable to occupational health and safety regulations.

  • Keeping business performance at a maximum level.

  • Providing our customers with high quality products by using all our resources efficiently.

  • Sustain our system in accordance with TS EN ISO 9001:2008 and achieve company quality objectives by making continuous improvement and development works in all areas.

Our Quality and Product Certificates
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certificate

GOST Certificate 1/2

GOST Certificate 2/2

Grilles TSE Certificate

Diffuser TSE Certificate

Air Louvre TSE Certificate

Volume Damper TSE Certificate

Fire Damper TSE Certificate

Heat Recovery Unit TSE Certificate

Floor Convector TSE Certificate

Air Handling Unit TSE Certificate

Heat Recovery Unit CE Certificate

Natural Convectional Floor Convector CE Certificate

Forced Convectional Floor Convector CE Certificate

Cabinet Type Aspirator CE Certificate

Cabinet Type Industrial Kitchen Aspirator CE Certificate

Air Handling Unit CE Certificate

Hepa Filter Box Quality Certificate

Fire Damper Test Report

Fire Damper Test Report